Make sense of your organization’s cyber risk, in financial terms

VisibleRisk is a joint venture between Moody’s and Team8 that is dedicated to helping organizations increase their cyber resilience by providing them with a holistic and validated perspective of their security posture, and translating that into financial terms so the entire executive team can participate in cyber risk management.

The VisibleRisk Team

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VisibleRisk is a joint venture


  • TEAM8

With more than 100 years of experience in risk analysis, Moody’s has deep expertise in creating meaningful metrics and standards used by companies around the globe.

Team8 is a venture group that builds and backs technology companies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data, fintech, enterprise software, and infrastructure.


Like what you see? We are seeking exceptional candidates to define the future of cyber risk and help organizations become more cyber resilient.

Increase your cyber resilience with VisibleRisk

  • Understand how cyber risk impact’s your organization
  • Make informed risk-based decisions
  • Standardize boardroom conversations around cyber risk