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As the cost of cyber risk continues to rise, boards and executives are looking to their CISOs and CROs to better understand how prepared their organizations are to mitigate and weather the cyber risks they face. An effective Cyber Risk Quantification solution will enable you to answer those questions, and get the support you need, by translating your security posture and risk into financial terms.

Register today for a multi-part series on Cyber Risk Quantification hosted by Jack Freund, a co-author of Open FAIR.

Dr. Jack Freund, Head of Cyber Risk Methodology for VisibleRisk and co-author of Measuring and Managing Information Risk: A FAIR Approach
VisibleRisk CRQ Series Episode Guide
Episode 1: Five Critical Ingredients to Effective CRQ (15 min) Available September 2021
Episode 2: How to Start Doing CRQ today (15 min) Available October 2021
Episode 3: Common CRQ Pitfalls to Avoid (15min) Available October 2021
Episode 4: How to Evaluate & Optimize Your Current CRQ Program (15 min) Available November 2021
Episode 5: Who is VisibleRisk? (15 min) Available November 2021